Display Advertising

Rich Media Ads
Whether Sky, Layer- or Fullbanners, we offer all popular formats.

Popups/Popunders are rare but still in demand!

Layer & more
Our layers are hard to overlook, but give you a good commission!

Mobile Advertising

Rich Media Ads
Whether Sky, Layer- or Fullbanners, we offer all popular formats optimized for mobile devices!

In App
In App advertisements become more and more popular, are accepted everywhere and offer good commission!

New and innovative advertisement material, which raise your conversion.


Payouts can be made monthly or at fortnightly intervals.
You can easily integrate our codes into your website!
Use our SDK (Software Development Kit) for mobile devices (Android/iOS)
By using our services you will get a fully detailed statistic!
Automated optimization leads to high commissions!


High ROI
We offer you a high return of investment!
By using our services you will get a fully detailed statistic!
Conversion Rate
Your conversion rate will be optimized automatically.
Innovative Media
By using our services we offer you innovative advertising media.
Our payouts are directed by CPM/CPC/CPI
Payments are possible via bank account, PayPal or invoice (after credit check)


Dynamic Retargeting

We Find Your Online Shop Visitors everywhere in the Web, bring them back to your shop and make them your customers

CT-ADS RETARGETING technology will find your prospects in the web after they have left your store and bring them back to help close the sale. We achieve this with our just in time generated banner based on the customers behavior. Generally 2-3% from the shop visitors close a sale and 97-98% leave the shop without buying anything. We focus on this 97-98% and we
convert them into real customers. Ct-Ads is a complete service offering dynamic retargeting and after sales management. Our CT-Ads targeting algorithm works so efficiently that we work on a 100% cost per order (CPO) basis.



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We are not talking about increasing a few sales, we increase the turn over for some customers in the millions.


Retargeting Setup Steps

Way to Retargeting

our Retargeting technology

We focus on this 97-98%. We find them in the web after they leave your store. Our Ct-Ads retargeting algorithm studies the behavior of the store visitor and determines just in time which products the visitors are interested in and which products they are most likely to buy. While the visitors are surfing in the internet dynamic banners are generated based on the results of the algorithm, and refresh the user to go
back to the store. Ct-Ads will target the user again and again (also after a sale) with changing suggestions, creative banners and offers suitable to their needs. Ct-Ads is not only a dynamic retargeting system but parallel, an efficient after sales management tool.

Potential customer visits your site and leave
Our CT-Ads algorithm tracks his surf and interest behavior.
User visits other sites in the Web
The Ct-Ads algorithm recognizes the user and retargets him just in time with dynamic creative banners that attract his attention. One click brings him back to you shop


Pricing made simple

Pay on a monthly and CPO basis after the cancelation period

Pay for validated sales
No Minimum. No Maximum. No Long Term Contracts

  • 100% Perfomance Marketing
  • Only CPO /CPS Cost per Sale/Order
  • Monthly billing after cancelation period
  • No Setup Fees, No monthly Fees
  • World Class Support
  • No Investment, just Sales

Why our customers love ct-ads

No Investment cost
We work on CPO CPS (Cost per Order/Sale) on a monthly basis. Based on all validated sales after the right of return period.
100% Satisfaction
One step from your side we handle the rest. Ct-Ads is a dynamic retargeting and after sales full service technology.
Full Transparency
You Always know exactly what you are paying for.
Amazing Results
Increase your sales conversion rate substantially.